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— Rate-compatible punctured LDPC codes have shown to perform well over a wide variety of code rates, both theoretically and practically. However it has been reported that the belief propagation (BP) decoding for these codes converges slower than for unpunctured codes. Layered BP algorithm is a modified BP algorithm that accelerates the decoding convergence(More)
— While rate-compatible punctured low-density parity-check (RCP-LDPC) codes offer high flexibility in terms of code rate at a relatively low cost in implementation complexity, they are reported to require more decoding iterations than unpunctured LDPC codes. In this paper 1 we consider layered belief propagation decoding and propose efficient check node(More)
Previously, we reported that Sebox is a new maternal effect gene (MEG) that is required for early embryo development beyond the two-cell (2C) stage because this gene orchestrates the expression of important genes for zygotic genome activation (ZGA). However, regulators of Sebox expression remain unknown. Therefore, the objectives of the present study were(More)
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