Jinhyung Kim

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Neuropathic pain is often severe. Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a treatment method for neuropathic pain, but its mechanism of action remains unclear. Patients with neuropathic pain are affected by various stimulations, such as mechanical and cold stimuli, but studies of cold allodynia showed the associated pain to be less than that caused by mechanical(More)
Reliable wireless power delivery for implantable devices in animals is highly desired for safe and effective experimental use. Batteries require frequent replacement; wired connections are inconvenient and unsafe, and short-distance inductive coupling requires the attachment of an exterior transmitter to the animal’s body. In this article, we propose a(More)
We proposed a method of making a flexible depth-type neural probe using liquid crystal polymer. Conventional depth neural probes made of metal or silicon have the limitations of a single recording site per shank or the brittleness of the silicon substrate. To avoid these drawbacks, polymer-based depth neural probes have been developed with biocompatible(More)
Business intelligence is a critical in defining the strategy and roadmap of organizations. However, business intelligence covers too much wide coverage to consider all of fields such as data analytics, text mining, predictive analytics, and so on. Among these fields, the most important is information analysis and prediction. Therefore, we suggest a business(More)
In this paper, we propose a new relational schema (R-schema) to XML Schema translation algorithm that analyzes the cardinality between data values and patterns of user queries to resolve the implicit referential integrity issue. Many translation methods have been developed taking into account structural and/or semantic aspects. However, earlier methods have(More)
As private information can be contained in the DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) system's target of monitoring, the monitoring process inevitably violates privacy of the internal employees. Currently, existing DLP systems do not consider the privacy violation during the monitoring process. In this work, we are proposing a DLP system considering privacy(More)