Jinhyung Kim

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In this paper, we take a rather different approach. We explore how to support security models for XML documents by leveraging on techniques developed for relational databases. More specifically, in our approach, (1) Users make XML queries against the given XML view/schema, (2) Access controls for XML data are specified in the relational database (3) Data(More)
The emerging ubiquitous computing is changing the current computing paradigm, and it lets the ubiquitous RFID applications consistently and independently utilize the sensed information from the intelligent and powerful tags which are in a variety of applications fields. One of the most important issues is how to support the semantic consistency between data(More)
This paper proposes a semantic management framework providing the ubiquitous application field-independent interoperability. The goal of the proposed framework is to provide a consistent and independent semantic usability to ubiquitous applications. The proposed framework uses the merits of the metadata registry that has been developed for exchanging and(More)
With rapid growth of Internet, the amount of information in the Web is increasing exponentially. However, information on the current Web is understandable only for human, and thus it makes the exact information retrieval difficult. For solving this problem, the semantic Web is suggested and we must use ontology languages that can endow data to semantics for(More)
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