Jinhyuk Kim

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A specific role for ascorbate (AA) in brain development has been postulated based on a rise of AA levels in fetal brain (Kratzing et al., 1985). To evaluate the role of AA during CNS development, we analyzed the survival, proliferation, and differentiation of AA-treated CNS precursor cells isolated from rat embryonic cortex. Immunocytochemical analyses(More)
Computerized ecological momentary assessment (EMA) is widely accepted as a "gold standard" method for capturing momentary symptoms repeatedly experienced in daily life. Although many studies have addressed the within-individual temporal variations in momentary symptoms compared with simultaneously measured external criteria, their concurrent associations,(More)
In this paper, we proposed an online gaming traffic generator reflecting user behavior patterns. We analyzed the packet size and inter departure time distributions of a popular FPS game (Left4Dead) and MMORPG (World of Warcraft) for regenerating gaming traffic. The proposed traffic generator generates an inter departure time and gaming packet based on(More)
OBJECTIVES While both ecological momentary assessment (EMA) and the day reconstruction method (DRM) have been used to overcome recall bias, a full systematic comparison of these methods has not been conducted. This study was aimed to investigate the differences and correlations between momentary fatigue and mood states recorded by EMA and reconstructed ones(More)
The objective evaluation of depressive mood is considered to be useful for the diagnosis and treatment of depressive disorders. Thus, we investigated psychobehavioral correlates, particularly the statistical associations between momentary depressive mood and behavioral dynamics measured objectively, in patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) and(More)
We present theoretical and empirical analyses of indirect network effects for a hardware market with vertically differentiated complementary goods. We demonstrate that the heretofore typical use of aggregate software counts can mis-measure the presence and/or magnitude of indirect network effects. We show this is true when there is correlation along the(More)
Many biomarkers from genetic, neuroimaging, and biological/biochemical measures have been recently developed in order to make a shift toward the objective evaluation of psychiatric disorders. However, they have so far been less successful in capturing dynamical changes or transitions in pathological states, such as those occurring during the course of(More)
Once upon a time there was a struggling young California band. Its music was too loud and its image too unpolished for MTV. Its social and political messages were a little too disturbing for radio. But it built a passionate following among underground-rock fans by touring relentlessly, staying true to its message and encouraging fans to record its live(More)