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Physically based fluid simulation can provide realism , but simulating water turbulence remains challenging. Recently, there have been much work on gas turbulence, but these algorithms mostly rely on the Kolmogorov theory which is not directly applicable to water turbulence simulation. This paper presents a novel technique for simulating water turbulence.(More)
Objective: Simulating flow patterns due to: i. Sea waves hitting land ii. Two waves interacting or intersecting iii. Water release from reservoir creating a gush of waves (as in flood), and passing through a curvilinear way (river, canal). 2. "Fast and stable simulation of virtual water scenes with interactions.
Game Programmer at NTREEV SOFT. Designed and implemented both the client-and server-side game logics of a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) title. Developed the client-side logics of the billing system both for the MMORPG title and a casual online game title. Participated in the localization of the MMORPG title at Shanghai and Tokyo.
Grid-based simulation usually requires high resolution grid and heavy computation time to produce high quality simulation results. We propose a novel example-based method that reduces the simulation time. The main strategy for the time reduction is to avoid accurate but expensive calculation for mass conservation. Instead, we show that a linear combination(More)
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