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Nanosized carbon dots (CDs) are emerging as superior fluorophores for biosensing and a bioimaging agent with excellent photostability, chemical inertness, and marginal cytotoxicity. This paper reports a facile one-pot strategy to immobilize the biocompatible and fluorescent CDs (∼6 nm) into the glucose-imprinted(More)
Multifunctional nanocarriers with good biocompatibility, good imaging function, and smart drug delivery ability are crucial for realizing highly efficient imaging-guided chemotherapy in vivo. This paper reports a type of chitosan-carbon dot (CD) hybrid nanogels (CCHNs, ∼65 nm) by integrating pH-sensitive chitosan and fluorescent CDs into a single(More)
The syntheses of silicas with highly ordered cubic Ia3d structure templated by Pluronic P123 (EO20PO70EO20) block copolymer surfactant and sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) additive in the presence of swelling agents are demonstrated. It was found that the cubic Ia3d silica forms at 25 °C when a moderate amount of a swelling agent, such as(More)
The paper demonstrates a class of multifunctional core-shell hybrid nanogels with fluorescent and magnetic properties, which have been successfully developed for simultaneous optical temperature sensing, tumor cell imaging and magnetic/NIR-thermally responsive drug carriers. The as-synthesized hybrid nanogels were designed by coating bifunctional(More)
This work reports the preparation of multifunctional hybrid microgels based on the one-pot free radical dispersion polymerization of hydrogen-bonding complexes in water, formed from hydroxyl/carboxyl bearing carbon dots with 4-vinylphenylboronic acid and acrylamide comonomers, which can realize the simultaneous optical detection of glucose using near(More)
An efficient nanomedical platform that can combine two-photon cell imaging, near infrared (NIR) light and pH dual responsive drug delivery, and photothermal treatment was successfully developed based on fluorescent porous carbon-nanocapsules (FPC-NCs, size ∼100 nm) with carbon dots (CDs) embedded in the shell. The stable, excitation wavelength (λex)-tunable(More)
The unit-cell size and pore diameter as functions of temperature are investigated in the syntheses of FDU-12 silicas with face-centered cubic structure templated by Pluronic (PEO-PPO-PEO) block copolymer micelles swollen by toluene. The temperature range in which the unit-cell size and pore size strongly increase as temperature decreases is correlated with(More)
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