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The role of TiO 2 thin films deposited by atomic layer deposition on p-InP photocathodes used for solar hydrogen generation was examined. It was found that, in addition to its previously reported corrosion protection role, the large valence band offset between TiO 2 and InP creates an energy barrier for holes reaching the surface. Also, the conduction band(More)
Plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition of cobalt oxide onto nanotextured p(+)n-Si devices enables efficient photoelectrochemical water oxidation and effective protection of Si from corrosion at high pH (pH 13.6). A photocurrent density of 17 mA/cm(2) at 1.23 V vs RHE, saturation current density of 30 mA/cm(2), and photovoltage greater than 600 mV were(More)
  • Francesca M. Toma, Jason K. Cooper, Viktoria Kunzelmann, Matthew T. McDowell, Jie Yu, David M. Larson +11 others
  • 2016
Artificial photosynthesis relies on the availability of semiconductors that are chemically stable and can efficiently capture solar energy. Although metal oxide semiconductors have been investigated for their promise to resist oxidative attack, materials in this class can suffer from chemical and photochemical instability. Here we present a methodology for(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the efficiency and security of the balloon dilators versus fascial dilators in percutaneous nephrolithotripsy (PCNL), We compared the difference of intraoperative and postoperative parameters of patients using these two different methods of expansion and having no significant statistic differences in peroperative parameters. METHODS(More)
The proteome of rumen epithelial tissue was analysed by SDS-PAGE coupled with LC–MS/MS. 813 non-redundant proteins were identified of which 7.4 % featured membrane-spanning domains and 15.4 % harboured a signal peptide. According to the gene ontology annotation, the most abundant proteins exhibited binding activities related to their molecular functions,(More)
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