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To study whether integrins on cell membrane ligate with intracellular cytoskeletal proteins and mediate their reorganization in egg activation, female mice were used for superovulation. The zona-free oocytes were incubated separately with specific ligand of integrins, an active RGD peptide, in vitro for certain period of time. RGE peptide and mouse(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was aimed to disclose whether the VLA-5 integrin on human sperm membrane takes part in the activation of human spermatozoa. METHODS Fluo-3/AM was coincubated with human spermatozoa. The change of intracellular calcium([Ca2+]i) was determined by flow cytometry when human sperms were exposed to Fibronectin(Fn) as the specific ligand of(More)
Two sample pretreatment methods were developed and applied to determine 111 residues of pesticides in aquatic products. For Method I, the residues were extracted from homogenized tissue with acetone-ethylacetate-n-hexane (1 : 1 : 1, v/v/v), and then were redissolved in acetonitrile; for Method II, the residues were extracted from homogenized tissue with(More)
The low-energy structures (LESs) of adatom clusters on a series of metal face-centered cubic (fcc) (110) surfaces are systematically studied by the genetic algorithm, and a simplified model based on the atomic interactions is developed to explain the LESs. Two different kinds of LES group mainly caused by the different next nearest-neighbor (NNN)(More)
Cyclin G1 protein is expressed in normal endometrial epithelial cells in a progesterone-dependent manner. It is an important mediator of the inhibiting effect of progesterone on cell proliferation. Moreover, the expression of cyclin G1 is also found to be decreased in human endometrial carcinoma cells (ECCs). To study the mechanism of decrease in the(More)
Cyclin G1 is the only cyclin that has either positive or negative effects on cell growth. Our previous study found decreased expression of cyclin G1 in human endometrial carcinoma tissues compared with normal endometrial tissues. The study aimed to evaluate cyclin G1 expression and its effect on proliferation of human endometrial carcinoma cells (ECCs).(More)
In fabrication of nano- and quantum devices, it is sometimes critical to position individual dopants at certain sites precisely to obtain the specific or enhanced functionalities. With first-principles simulations, we propose a method for substitutional doping of individual atom at a certain position on a stepped metal surface by single-atom manipulation. A(More)
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