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It is clear that the current attempts at using algorithms to create artificial neural networks have had mixed success at best when it comes to creating large networks and/or complex behavior. This should not be unexpected, as creating an artificial brain is essentially a design problem. Human design ingenuity still surpasses computational design for most(More)
This paper presents DrawCompileEvolve, a web-based drawing tool which allows users to draw simple primitive shapes, group them together or define patterns in their groupings (e.g. symmetry, repetition). The user's vector drawing is then compiled into an indirectly encoded genetic representation, which can be evolved interactively, allowing the user to(More)
Sakamoto et al. (Langmuir 2002, 18, 5713) conducted AFM force measurements between silica sphere and fused-silica plate in aqueous octadecyltrimethylammonium chloride (C18TACl) solutions and concluded that long-range attractive force is not observed in carefully degassed solutions. In the present work, AFM force measurements were conducted by following the(More)
In recent years, the rapid development of the Internet has provided people with more and more convenience. However, meanwhile a tremendous energy consumption problem and a low energy efficiency problem in the networks still exist. With the continuous expansion of the network scale, these problems are increasingly more severe. In order to achieve the "green"(More)
The free radical addition reaction is very important in UV curing. The benzoyl radical is the most commonly observed radical. In the addition process, the benzoyl radical adds to an acrylate monomer, forming a primary radical that has great value for subsequent research. In this article, a quantum chemical method was used to study the microscopic(More)
For the past years, the energy overconsumption problems, arising from the rapid growth of Internet scale and services types, are becoming more and more serious. In this context, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector has given an extensive concern to the research on green networking. From an energy-saving point of view for Internet, this(More)
Traditional UAV training Simulator is independent of UAV System, so the UAV operator cannot accomplish both system test and training in one training process. This paper presented and realized a kind of new Training Simulator based on simulation for the equipment on UAV. The new kind of system structure and signal pipeline was introduced first, then the(More)
Ever-increasing application types and rapidly expanding network size drive the energy consumption problem in the Internet to become a focus of attention concerned by the global related fields. In this context, this paper proposes a one-to-many multicast routing algorithm based on a least cost shortest path tree with a path node-driven strategy. In addition,(More)
In a context of explosive development in Internet scale and excessive underutilization of a large number of network elements, the power consumption issues of the current Internet have become hot subjects extensively concerned by ICT (Information and Communication Technology) sector and research institutions in recent years, which even further lead to the(More)