Jinhong Xu

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As sensornets are increasingly being deployed in mission-critical applications, it becomes imperative that we consider application QoS requirements in in-network processing (INP). Toward understanding the complexity of joint QoS and INP optimization, we study the problem of jointly optimizing packet packing (i.e., aggregating shorter packets into longer(More)
There are many security threats in WSN, such as malicious nodes on the transmission paths dropping, fabricating or tampering the forwarded messages. Most of the existing security methods relied on special hardware facilities, mechanism of node monitoring, encryption and authentication technology, which greatly increase the sensor’s price or(More)
Aiming at two quality factors (warpage quantity and shrinkage rate) of the plastic injection process, the optimum method on craft parameters of plastic injection based on synthesis relation degree, Kriging model and adaptive genetic-ant colonies algorithm is provided. The definition and calculation method of synthesis relation degree are given at first, and(More)
Investigation on Remote Sensing has many advantages, such as fast, short-cycle, low cost and large range. This paper introduces the experimental investigation of rural road networks by the ALOS image data. The results show that: it can obtain quickly wide rural road networks in combination with other data and a small amount of field investigation by the(More)
The system reliability which applies redundant style of reservoir is studied aiming at the fuzziness of reliability parameter. Firstly, fuzzy chance constrained model of redundant system reliability optimization is given. Then the solution strategy of ant colonies algorithm with fuzzy simulated is studied, and the detailed steps of hybrid intelligent(More)
Aiming at the two principal; quality factors (warpage quantity and shrinkage rate) in injection molding process, the optimum method on injection molding condition based on RBF network and ant colony algorithm is provided. The definition and calculation method of excellent degree are given first and then the optimum method of the approximate model based on(More)
Owing to the fluctuations in the financial markets from time to time, some input variables such as the interest rate, spot exchange rate and volatility in the Garman-Kohlhagen model can not be expected in a precise sense. Therefore, it is nature to start from the fuzzy environments of currency options markets. In this paper, we introduce fuzzy techniques(More)
For the parameters of product reliability design are uncertain, based on the Liu's fuzzy chance constrained theory, provides a fuzzy chance constrained programming module of product reliability design that has N sub-systems and several designs can be chosen in every sub-system. The detailed processes of genetic algorithm and ant colonies algorithm are given(More)
In group decision making, because the decision-makers usually represent different interest backgrounds, it is worth to study how to make the different decision makers coordinate and cooperate for aggregating group opinions. In this paper, based on the analytic hierarchy process, we propose a nonlinear program model to obtain consensus priority vector, and(More)
The problem of minimum cost is studied aiming to the network structures. Firstly, the chance constrained model of optimum network structures is given. Then the solution strategy of ant colonies algorithm with random simulated and mutation operator is studied, and the detailed steps of hybrid intelligence is given. At last, an instance is given, optimum(More)