Jinhong Kenneth Lin

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BACKGROUND With an ever-growing ageing population, dementia is fast becoming the chronic disease of the 21st century. Elderly people affected with dementia progressively lose their autonomy as they encounter problems in their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Hence, they need supervision and assistance from their family members or professional caregivers,(More)
Solute exclusion was used to determine the pore volume and micropore size distribution of wet cellulosic materials. Glucose, cellobiose, and polyethylene glycol (PEG) (8 to 130 A in diameter) were used as molecular probes. Four replicates of cellulosic samples, with each sample being analyzed 4 to 8 times, gave the concentrations of each molecular probe(More)
Rehabilitation with physical therapy exercises is important to maintain and regain desirable physical strength to patients who underwent surgery or suffer temporary physical impairments. This process generally requires the patient to perform exercises regularly and correctly with assistance from therapist at a rehabilitation clinic. But this approach(More)
This article compares estimates of the relative odds of nitrite use obtained from weighted unconditional logistic regression with estimates obtained from conditional logistic regression after post-stratification and matching of cases with controls by neighborhood of residence. We illustrate these methods by comparing the odds associated with nitrite use(More)
The failure modes of flip chip solder joints under high electrical current density are studied experimentally. Three different failure modes are reported. Only one of the failure modes is caused by the combined effect of electromigration and thermomigration, where void nucleation and growth contribute to the ultimate failure of the module. The Ni under bump(More)
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