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Circulating tumor cells (CTCs), which are derived from primary tumor site and transported to distant organs, are considered as the major cause of metastasis. So far, various techniques have been applied for CTC isolation and enumeration. However, there exists great demand to improve the sensitivity of CTC capture, and it remains challenging to elute the(More)
Lensless microfluidic imaging with super-resolution processing has become a promising solution to miniaturize the conventional flow cytometer for point-of-care applications. The previous multi-frame super-resolution processing system can improve resolution but has limited cell flow rate and hence low throughput when capturing multiple subpixel-shifted cell(More)
The extraordinary properties of layered graphene and its successful applications in electronics, sensors, and energy devices have inspired and renewed interest in other two-dimensional (2D) layered materials. Particularly, a semiconducting analogue of graphene, molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), has attracted huge attention in the last few years. With efforts in(More)
Acoustophoresis-based particle manipulation in microfluidics has gained increasing attention in recent years. Despite the fact that experimental studies have been extensively performed to demonstrate this technique for various microfluidic applications, numerical simulation of acoustophoresis driven by surface acoustic waves (SAWs) has still been largely(More)
In this study, we present a simple technique capable of assembling and patterning suspended CNTs using a standing surface acoustic wave (SSAW) field. Individual CNTs could be assembled into larger CNT bundles and patterned in periodic positions on a substrate surface. The mechanism of the SSAW-based patterning technique has been investigated using both(More)
Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) has emerged as a powerful technique for kinds of application, such as gas sensor, on-chip manipulation of microparticles or biological cells. In this paper, we present a numerical simulation and experimental study of standing surface acoustic wave (SSAW) induced acoustophoresis to assemble the particle samples in a microchannel.(More)
Conventional Coulter counters have been introduced as an important tool in biological cell assays since several decades ago. Recently, the emerging portable Coulter counter has demonstrated its merits in point of care diagnostics, such as on chip detection and enumeration of circulating tumor cells (CTC). The working principle is based on the cell(More)
The conventional test strip has usually only one electrochemical reaction channel, which requires two times figure punctures for the self-management of patients suffering from both diabetes and gout. Considering the large number of such patients and for the sake of reducing their pains, we report an enzymatic test strip which can simultaneously monitor(More)
A silicon-nanowire-based Coulter counter has been designed and fabricated for particle/cell enumeration. The silicon nanowire was fabricated in a fully complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS)-compatible process and used as a field effect transistor (FET) device. The Coulter counter device worked on the principle of potential change detection(More)
Coulter counters have played an important role in biological cell assays since their introduction decades ago. Several types of high throughput micro-Coulter counters based on lab-on-chip devices have been commercialized recently. In this paper, we propose a highly integrated micro-Coulter counter array working under low DC voltage. The real-time electrical(More)