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This work presents a novel intra-frame coding scheme for depth maps that makes use of the characteristics of depth images: large smooth areas separated by sharp edges. The proposed method is block-based, thus can be easily integrated into H.264/AVC framework. By using the extracted edge information, each block is divided into several regions and each region(More)
To meet the special requirements of resource-limited video sensors in wireless video sensor network (WVSN), low-complexity video encoding technique is highly desired. In distributed multi-view video coding (DMVC) system, multi-view video sources are encoded separately and decoded dependently, so the burden of huge computation is shifted from the encoder(More)
Distributed video coding (DVC) has a great development during the past decade for its simpler encoder and higher robustness against the channel noises. However, typical DVC schemes, such as DISCOVER, are almost based on the feedback channel between the encoder and the decoder, and the decoding process is very complex, which causes difficulty in(More)
This paper proposes an improved side information (SI) generation scheme for Wyner-Ziv (WZ) video coding in wavelet domain. In specific, a block-based motion estimation method with adaptive Kalman filtering is utilized to obtain the optical motion vectors. Furthermore, a weighted vector median filter is employed to refine the motion vectors. Experimental(More)
In this paper, an improved DVC scheme that uses backward channel aware motion estimation is presented. A novel key frame coding method and a macroblock classification method are proposed, which are based on motion activity classification. Then, these methods then are used for mode-decision of switch motion estimation method at the decoder. We further(More)
The side information (SI) generation is a key function in the Wyner-Ziv (WZ) video coding, which plays an important role in determining the performance of the codec. This paper proposes an improved SI generation scheme for wavelet transform based WZ video codec. In specific, we adopt the motion estimation with Kalman filter, by which an optimal estimation(More)