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The aim of this study was to identify the endogenous retrovirus (ERV) sequences in a bovine genome. We subjected bovine genomic DNA to PCR with degenerate or ovine ERV (OERV) family-specific primers that aimed to amplify the retroviral pro/pol region. Sequence analysis of 113 clones obtained by PCR revealed that 69 were of retroviral origin. On the basis of(More)
The genome of replication-competent BERV gamma4 provirus, which is the most abundant ERV family in the bovine genome, was characterized in detail. The BERV gamma4 genome showed that BERV gamma4 harbors 8576 nucleotides and has the typical 5'-long terminal repeat (LTR)-gag-pro-pol-env-LTR-3' retroviral organization with a long leader region positioned before(More)
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