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— This paper considers the problem of maximizing the system throughput in IEEE 802.16 broadband access networks with mesh topology, and the following results are presented. We first consider a simplified linear network with only uplink traffic and provide an optimal scheduling algorithm and establish an analytical result on the length of the schedule. We(More)
The success of cloud computing builds largely upon on-demand supply of virtual machines (VMs) that provide the abstraction of a physical machine on shared resources. Unfortunately, despite recent advances in virtu-alization technology, there still exists an unpredictable performance gap between the real and desired performance. The main contributing factors(More)
A revolution is beginning in communication networks with the adoption of network function virtualization, which allows network services to be run on common off-the-shelf hardware—even in virtual machines—to increase flexibility and lower cost. An exciting prospect for cloud users is that these software-based network services can be merged with compute and(More)
NetVM brings virtualization to the Network by enabling high bandwidth network functions to operate at near line speed, while taking advantage of the flexibility and customization of low cost commodity servers. NetVM allows customizable data plane processing capabilities such as firewalls, proxies, and routers to be embedded within virtual machines,(More)
—Virtualization has become a popular way to make more efficient use of server resources within both private data centers and public cloud platforms. While recent advances in CPU architectures and new virtualization techniques have reduced the performance cost of using virtualization, overheads still exist, particularly when multiple virtual machines are(More)
Data center servers are typically overprovisioned, leaving spare memory and CPU capacity idle to handle unpredictable workload bursts by the virtual machines running on them. While this allows for fast hotspot mitigation, it is also wasteful. Unfortunately, making use of spare capacity without impacting active applications is particularly difficult for(More)