Jinho Baik

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The bus system in Cuernavaca, Mexico and its connections to random matrix distributions have been the subject of an interesting recent study by M Krbálek and P Šeba in [15, 16]. In this paper we introduce and analyse a microscopic model for the bus system. We show that introducing a natural repulsion does produce random matrix distributions in natural(More)
We show that the ratio of a discrete Toeplitz/Hankel determinant and its continuous counterpart equals a Freholm determinant involving continuous orthogonal polynomials. This identity is used to evaluate a triple asymptotic of some discrete Toeplitz/Hankel determinants which arise in studying non-intersecting processes. We show that the asymptotic(More)
We analyze the latency or sojourn time L(m, n) for the last customer in a batch of n customers to exit from the m-th queue in a tandem of m queues in the setting where the queues are in equilibrium before the batch of customers arrives at the first queue. We first characterize the distribution of L(m, n) exactly for every m and n, under the assumption that(More)
life. He has supported me for many semesters and also the summers even before I became a PhD candidate; He has spent countless hours these years introducing me into the area of random matrix theory and teaching me how to do research; He has been always available when I need help; He always has great patience to listen to my ideas and to give corresponding(More)
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