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To improve the drawback of collaborative-based recommendation algorithm and content-based recommendation algorithm in e-commerce, a new algorithm is proposed, which is integrated the collaborative-based recommendation and content-based recommendation algorithm. In e-commerce system, user information is divided into field information and atomic information(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies indicated that the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in TLR9 gene might be associated with Tuberculosis (TB) risk. However, the results are inconsistent and inconclusive. METHODS 1745 articles from four databases were involved in our study. A meta-analysis on the associations between the seven polymorphisms and TB risk was(More)
  • Jinhe Wang
  • 2008
This paper describes the main principle of the hardware design for control system and analyzes the circuit design which includes the analog-to-digital module design, USB interface design and the flash memory design. The principle of the data sampling subsystem and execution subsystem are discussed in this paper. The experimental results show the(More)
  • Jinhe Wang
  • 2008
This paper describes the design of temperature control in the process of thermal cycling in the polymerase chain reaction system. A program-based approach for the implementation of the control system is proposed. In order to satisfy the optimal operation and to meet device specifications, the design of control strategy is divided into three channels with(More)
An extreme point of scale space extraction method for binary multiscale and rotation invariant local feature descriptor is studied in this paper in order to obtain a robust and fast method for local image feature descriptor. Classic local feature description algorithms often select neighborhood information of feature points which are extremes of image scale(More)
Cross-region in scanned image is a complex one in line recognizing process. Using graph-based model, the geometric properties such as cross-attribute can be extracted from image. Then they can be divided into several categories. Based on the topological and adjacent properties of the graph, the principle of image segmentation in cross-region is proposed.(More)
This paper presents a thermoelectric temperature control system which consists of three control channels. The system implements a cascade controller using integrated 12-bit A/D converters to read the thermistors. The closed-loop system is seen to achieve 0.1degC temperature accuracy, and a description of the system control , along with user code(More)
DNA is a double-stranded chain of nucleotides, in order to make a huge number of copies of DNA segments, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is the easy method for generating copies of DNA by rapid heating and cooling controlled automatically. Based on the properties of the thermal cycling of PCR, a rational approach for the temperature control of the PCR(More)
This paper studies the problem of process control in the gene amplification instrument. We analyze the characteristic of the thermoelectric heat pumps and discuss the process of the control objectives. Based on the performance of the pumps via input power, a process control strategy is proposed in this paper. Experimental results prove that the control(More)