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Cellulose nanocrystal shelled with poly(ionic liquid)/polyoxometalate hybrid as efficient catalyst for aerobic oxidative desulfurization.
It is expected that the core-shell POM-supported catalyst may serve as an efficient, separable and sustainable catalyst for AODS of fuels. Expand
Synthesis of site-specifically phosphate-caged siRNAs and evaluation of their RNAi activity and stability.
This study sheds further light on the design of caged oligonucleotides and indicates the direction of future development of nucleic acid drugs with phosphate modifications. Expand
Caged nucleotides/nucleosides and their photochemical biology.
This review highlights three different caging strategies for nucleotides and demonstrates the photochemical biology of these caged nucleotide analogues. Expand
Rapid removal of anionic dye from water by poly(ionic liquid)-modified magnetic nanoparticles
Abstract A poly(ionic liquid) (PIL) functionalized magnetic responsive nanocomposite was developed and utilized as a highly efficient sorbent for dyes removal. The adsorbent was prepared by graftingExpand
Morphology-Controlled Construction and Aerobic Oxidative Desulfurization of Hierarchical Hollow Co–Ni–Mo–O Mixed Metal-Oxide Nanotubes
O2 activation for the green conversion of chemicals has attracted a great deal of attentions in the field of chemistry. Developing catalysts for aerobic oxidation with both prominent instinct activ...
Efficient aerobic oxidative desulfurization over Co–Mo–O bimetallic oxide catalysts
In this work, CoMo bimetallic oxides were prepared and proposed as catalysts for aerobic oxidative desulfurization (AODS) of fuels with oxygen in air as the oxidant. The bimetallic oxides couldExpand
Insight into carbon nanotube effect on polymer molecular orientation: an infrared dichroism study.
The effect of carbon nanotubes on polymer macromolecular orientation structure during stretching of syndiotactic polystyrene/carbon nanotube nanocomposite film was quantitatively studied for theExpand
Preparation of Co-Mo-O ultrathin nanosheets with outstanding catalytic performance in aerobic oxidative desulfurization.
In this study, ultrathin α-Co(OH)2 nanosheets intercalated with molybdate were successfully synthesized using a one-step coprecipitation method, and the derived Co-Mo-O mixed metal oxidesExpand
N-doped hierarchically porous carbon derived from grape marcs for high-performance supercapacitors
Abstract In this report, cost-effective nitrogen (N) -doped porous biocarbon was fabricated from grape marcs, and it demonstrated excellent capacitance, cyclic stability and rate performance as anExpand
Caged circular siRNAs for photomodulation of gene expression in cells and mice† †Electronic supplementary information (ESI) available. See DOI: 10.1039/c7sc03842a
Caged siRNAs with a circular structure were successfully used for photoregulation of target genes in both cells and mice.