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SUMMARY We propose a new dynamic routing algorithm that uses traffic and network state information to minimize the blocking rate and link congestion level. Our scheme uses the currently available link capacity in calculating the link weight by modifying Wang's approach, and computes the shortest path when a new call comes into the network. We consider the(More)
— In this paper we propose a new routing protocol called buffered fixed routing (BFR) for real-time applications on grid networks. While previous routing protocols for grid networks have been designed to improve network throughput, the BFR scheme is proposed to guarantee the end-to-end packet delay and sequencing without loss by using finite buffers at each(More)
– As the Internet traffic volume increases, the IP over WDM network is expected to be the dominant architecture in future Internet backbone networks. For IP routers to transfer their traffic, the virtual topology should be constructed from lightpaths supplied by WDM networks. To reflect the demand-supply relation of IP and WDM layers, we present the total(More)
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