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This paper proposed a novel chaotic image scrambling scheme based on dynamic twice interval-division. The new algorithm works quickly, and has a large cryptographic key space. The paper also analyzed the scrambling performance of the new algorithm statistically. The results indicate that the new algorithm can provide high level security owing to making the(More)
The seismic waveforms would be clipped when the amplitude exceeds the upper-limit dynamic range of seismometer. Clipped waveforms are typically assumed not useful and seldom used in waveform-based research. Here, we assume the clipped components of the waveform share the same frequency content with the un-clipped components. We leverage this similarity to(More)
This paper analyzed the actual TCP's bulk flow in a simple topological network with different parameters statistically, studied the self-similarity of their stable flow. The results indicated that the TCP bulk flow in 10BaseT networks is quite stable, does not present the burst and the self-similarity. But in 100BaseTx networks, the TCP bulk flow presents(More)
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