Jinhai Niu

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Visually impaired people face many inconveniences because of the loss of vision. Therefore, scientists are trying to design various guidance systems for improving the lives of the blind. Based on sensory substitution, auditory guidance has become an interesting topic in the field of biomedical engineering. In this paper, we made a state-of-technique review(More)
GOAL We applied a low-intensity pulsed transcranial ultrasound stimulation (pTUS) to the ischemic cortex after a distal middle cerebral artery occlusion (dMCAO) to study whether pTUS is capable of protecting brain from ischemic injury. METHODS Rats were randomly assigned to Sham (n = 6), Control (n = 16), and pTUS (n = 16) groups. The pTUS-treated rats(More)
Our research aims to develop a novel method for quantitative measurement of hCG concentration in human serum. Based on digital imaging processing technique, the relationship between hCG concentration and image information of reaction dot on hCG test sample can be built and be described as a standard curve. According to this standard curve, concentration of(More)
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