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This work develops a kind of sodium alginate (SA) microcapsules as microwave susceptible agents for in vivo tumor microwave thermal therapy for the first time. Due to the excellent microwave susceptible properties and low bio-toxicity, excellent therapy efficiency can be achieved with the tumor inhibiting ratio of 97.85% after one-time microwave thermal(More)
Distribution of magnetic flux density in electromagnetic (EM) flow meter is significantly important for obtaining accurate flow rate. Helmholtz coils are used to generate homogenous magnetic flux density in the cross section of flow pipe of electromagnetic (EM) flow meter is presented in this paper. In this work, a simulation model with the EM module of(More)
An induced voltage Electromagnetic Flow meter (EMF) in the area of measuring single phase flow rate in pipes has been used in many industrial areas. To measure the continuous phase velocity profile in multiphase flows where the continuous phase is electrical conductive, Electrical capacitance and resistance tomography has been comprehensively investigated,(More)
Bayesian approaches to variable selection have been widely used for quantitative trait locus (QTL) mapping. The Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithms for that aim are often difficult to be implemented for high-dimensional variable selection problems, such as the ones arising in epistatic analysis. Variational approximation is an alternative to MCMC,(More)
Combined thermo-chemotherapy displays outstanding synergically therapeutic efficiency when compared with standalone thermotherapy and chemotherapy. Herein, we developed a smart tri-stimuli-responsive drug delivery system involving X@BB-ZrO2 NPs (X represents loaded IL, DOX, keratin and tetradecanol) based on novel ball-in-ball-structured ZrO2 nanoparticles(More)
For benzyl-cyanide synthesizing are exothermic reaction with risk of Heat-Centralizing accident, so it is required to control the reacting temperature and pressure steadily and accurately. This paper presents a control project of benzyl-cyanide reactor with subsidiary control channel of microwave auxiliary heating in stock warm-up. A combined-control(More)
It is an ambitious target to improve overall Hepatocellular Carcinoma therapeutic effects. Recently, MW ablation has emerged as a powerful thermal ablation technique, affording favorable survival with excellent local tumor control. To achieve better therapeutic effects of MW ablation, MW sensitizers are prepared for enhanced MW ablation to preferentially(More)
Deep visual attention in computer vision has attracted much attention over the past years, which achieves great contributions especially in image classification, image caption and action recognition. However, due to taking BP training wholly or partially, they can not show the true power of attention in computational efficiency and focusing accuracy. Our(More)
The LonWorks network control technology, one of the field bus technologies developed in recent years, has been widely used in industrial automatic areas. The scheme of the flow process control system based on LonWorks technology was put forward. The structure of flow process control system was discussed. The flow control network was built by adopting(More)
Recent evidence has indicated that type 2 diabetes mellitus is related to an increased risk of atrial arrhythmias, which might result from atrial structural and electrical remodeling. Inhibitors of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase (statins), known as lipid-lowering agents, have been shown to exert antiarrhythmic effects both in experimental(More)