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The high speed internet infrastructure, quest for IT resource optimization and escalating operation and maintenance cost of keeping digital resources up are leading to a cost effective and technologically efficient business solution with computing resources available on demand and consumption pattern on pay per use basis. The flexibility of scaling up or(More)
A quantitative technology based on near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) is proposed to detect pesticide (chlorpyrifos) residues in vegetables in the paper. There are three groups of samples (totally 100 unit, concentration from 0.1mg/kg to 4mg/kg) used in the experiment. The first group sample is confected to simulate vegetable juice to validate feasibility of(More)
A NIR model was established to predict the volatile oil content of single particle red Zanthoxylum seed in this paper. With the characteristic of irregular surface, A single Zanthoxylum seed will reflect the great difference in response to spectrum signals the entire spectrum detection and exceptional sample rejection method were employed before model(More)
This paper presents a novel classifier to identify standard and sub-standard milk powder, which is built by support vector machines (SVM) and near infrared spectroscopy (NIR). The training set is composed of 38 samples and the testing set is composed of 12samples. The correct classification ratio of the training set is up to 100%, while that of the testing(More)
A method for determination of palmitic acid in edible oils by the near-infrared spectroscopy was addressed in this paper. 56 samples were collected in the experiment. In terms of concentration content gradient method, 44 samples were selected for modeling set and 12 for testing set. This paper described the utilization of PLS for establishing a quantitative(More)
Cloud Computing is becoming so popular among organizations and individual users due to its economical and expandable nature. There is a shifting in IT architecture towards cloud computing. The major attractiveness of the technology is its convenience, availability, on-demand network access, scalability, speed etc. Outsourcing data in the cloud relieves the(More)
Enlargement of Lie super algebra B(0, 1) was given firstly. Then nonlinear super integrable couplings of the super classical Boussinesq hierarchy based upon this enlarged matrix Lie super algebra were constructed secondly. And its super Hamiltonian structures were established by using super trace identity thirdly. As its reduction, special integrable(More)
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