Jingzhong Li

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Vegetation indicators and spatial distribution characteristics are the core and basis to study the complex human-natural coupled system. In this paper, with Landsat 5 and Landsat 8 remote sensing data, we quantitatively estimated vegetation coverage in Henan Province, China. According to the urbanization rate, altitude, slope degree, and slope exposure, we(More)
The detection of spatial characteristics of GIS data is one of the key technologies in GIS applications. It plays an important role in such applications as spatial data mining, map generalization and spatial cognition. This paper aims at the objective to utilize the computer geometry tool Delaunay triangulated irregular network (TIN) to realize the(More)
Stellera chamaejasme L. (S. chamaejasme) is one of the primary toxic grass species (poisonous plants) distributed in the alpine meadows of Qinghai Province, China. In this study, according to the distinctive phenological characteristics of S. chamaejasme, the spectral differences between S. chamaejasme in the full-bloom stage and other pasture grasses were(More)
The original Apriori algorithm is widely used in the intrusion detection field, but it may consume incredible computing resources in the process of handling network packets. We propose our optimized-Apriori algorithm which can greatly improves the algorithm efficiency by means of reducing the data storage space and the number of frequent item sets. We take(More)
A discrete multi-objective particle swarm optimization (DMOPSO) algorithm is proposed in this paper. The algorithm adopts two different discretized strategies: directly rounding and redefining based on multi-objective particle swarm optimization with crowding distance (MOPSO_CD) and according to the characteristic of discrete variable. The crowding distance(More)