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The role of science diplomacy: a historical development and international legal framework of arctic research stations under conditions of climate change, post-cold war geopolitics and
The Arctic is undergoing transformation, where three important drivers are climate change, post-Cold War geopolitics and globalization/power transition from the rise of China. This transformationExpand
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Energy performance contracting, risk factors, and policy implications: Identification and analysis of risks based on the best-worst network method
Abstract The Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) industry in China faces many severe risks that hinder its development. This study aims at identifying the risk factors in China's EPC industry,Expand
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Investigation of energy-saving azeotropic dividing wall column to achieve cleaner production via heat exchanger network and heat pump technique
Abstract A thermally coupled azeotropic dividing wall column (ADWC) configuration is explored for the separation of industrial wastewater to recycle the organic solvent tert-butanol. Heat pumpExpand
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Energy-efficient extractive pressure-swing distillation for separating binary minimum azeotropic mixture dimethyl carbonate and ethanol
Abstract An energy-efficient extractive pressure-swing distillation process is proposed for separating binary minimum azeotropic mixture ethanol and dimethyl carbonate. It can be observed that theExpand
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Evaluation of electricity supply sustainability and security: Multi-criteria decision analysis approach
Abstract Electricity supply plays a significantly important role in national economy and society development. Accordingly, the evaluation of electricity supply sustainability and security as an earlyExpand
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Polygeneration system and sustainability: Multi-attribute decision-support framework for comprehensive assessment under uncertainties
Abstract As an important energy-efficient production technology, polygeneration has attracted more and more attentions for its advantages of high energy efficiency, low production cost, and fewerExpand
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Sustainability prioritization of energy storage technologies for promoting the development of renewable energy: A novel intuitionistic fuzzy combinative distance-based assessment approach
We propose a novel multi-criteria decision making method by combining the interval analytic hierarchy process (IAHP) and the intuitionistic fuzzy combinative distance-based assessment method for prioritizing the alternative energy storage technologies. Expand
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Distributed energy system for sustainability transition: A comprehensive assessment under uncertainties based on interval multi-criteria decision making method by coupling interval DEMATEL and
This study aims to develop a comprehensive a framework for sustainability prioritization of distributed energy systems under data uncertainties. Expand
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Design for sustainability of industrial symbiosis based on emergy and multi-objective particle swarm optimization.
Industrial symbiosis provides novel and practical pathway to the design for the sustainability. Decision support tool for its verification is necessary for practitioners and policy makers, while toExpand
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Multi-attribute sustainability evaluation of alternative aviation fuels based on fuzzy ANP and fuzzy grey relational analysis
Abstract The objective of this study is to develop a multi-attribute sustainability evaluation model for assessing the sustainability of various alternative aviation fuels. Fuzzy Analytic NetworkExpand
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