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Android apps are usually rich in GUIs and users interact with the GUIs to use the functions provided by an app. To make Android apps reliable, GUI testing is an effective method. Automation and high GUI coverage is necessary in the testing for the sake of minimizing human effort and maximizing effectiveness. However, the existing work is insufficient to(More)
In this paper, a comprehensive analysis of implicit information flow (IIF) on the Android bytecode is presented to identify all potential IIF forms, determine their exploitability, and mitigate the potential threat. By applying control-transfer-oriented semantic analysis of the bytecode language, we identify five IIF forms, some of which are not studied by(More)
As a natural inhibitor of the receptor activator of nuclear factor-кB ligand (RANKL), osteprotegerin (OPG) is considered a promising treatment for metabolic bone diseases. Typical approaches for preparing recombinant OPG or its derivatives employ eukaryotic expression systems. Due to the advantages of a prokaryotic expression system, which include its(More)
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