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Annual canarygrass, commonly known as canary seed (Phalaris canariensis L.), is a self-pollinated diploid cereal (2n = 12) with a genome size of 3,800 Mbp. Canary seed is presently used for bird-feed with a potential to develop it for human consumption. Marker-assisted selection can be used to accelerate breeding of new canary seed cultivars.(More)
The application of the Internet of things (IOT) in industry and mining enterprises is analyzed in this paper. A new type of IOT application layer reader with functions of RFID and data transfer by wireless sensor is designed, according to the characteristics of the Internet things of industry and mining enterprises. This reader can perceive information from(More)
This paper investigates the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) whose functions include multimeter, Oscilloscope, generic electrical formula calculation and electrical parameter manual. This PDA's hardware consists of a microprocessor S3C2440 based on ARM core, the circuit for data collection and process and the display circuit of touch-screen/LCD. In(More)
In order to quicken the affinity maturation process of detector population and improve the efficiency of network intrusion detection, this paper describes detailed vaccine operator, algorithm of adaptive extracting vaccine and Immune Evolutionary Algorithm (IEA), and then design a novel artificial immune model and algorithm for network intrusion detection(More)
The most common use for fast Fourier transform is in high speed signal processing, encryption algorithms and other fields, which use the properties of primitive complex nth root of unity in complex number field. In order to implement the FFT-based large integers multiplication arithmetic whose time complexity is O(nlogn), this paper discusses how to select(More)
In this paper, the embedded systems and ZigBee technology are used to build a miner's lamp monitoring and control system. This miner's lamp monitoring and control system is composed of a central control station and a number of miner's lamp charging nodes. The central control station of miner's lamp monitoring and control system is constructed with the(More)