Jingyun Han

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While the advantages of nanomaterials are being increasingly recognized, their potential toxicity is drawing more and more attention and concern. In this study, we explore the toxicity mechanism of 20-30 nm rod-shaped hydroxyapatite (HA) nanoparticles in vitro and in vivo. The nanoparticles were prepared by precipitation and characterized by IR, XRD and(More)
A numerical model based on the theory of bone remodeling is proposed to predict the evolution of trabecular bone architecture within the vertebral body and to investigate the process of degeneration in vertebral bone. In this study, particular attention is paid on the description of microstructure changes during the aging process. To take into account the(More)
Orthodontic treatments not only displace irregular teeth but also induce responses in surrounding bone tissues. Bone remodelling is regarded as the regulatory mechanism triggered by mechanical loading. This study was aimed at investigating the effect of orthodontic loading on both tooth movement and neighbouring bone density distribution. A set of(More)
The method of modeling and mesh generation about 3-unit tooth/restoration complex were established. The three-dimensional finite element models were subjected to four types of occlusal load applied to pontic element to evaluate 3 fiber framework designs and 3 cavities preparation configurations. By comparing the difference of stress distribution, following(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the biomechanical performance of different osseointegration patterns between cortical bone and implants using finite element analysis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Fifteen finite element models were constructed of the mandibular fixed prosthesis supported by implants. Masticatory loads (200 N axial, 100 N oblique, 40 N horizontal) were(More)
The aim of this study was to explore a method for automatically reconstructing the occlusal surface by CAD technology. A 3D graphic database of standard tooth crown (STC) was established from physical models. Referring to the contact rule, the occlusal surface of STC was partitioned into several functional regions, and the regions related with occlusal(More)
Immediate loading (IL) increases the risk of marginal bone loss. The present study investigated the biomechanical response of peri-implant bone in rabbits after IL, aiming at optimizing load management. Ninety-six implants were installed bilaterally into femurs of 48 rabbits. Test implants on the left side created the maximal initial stress of 6.9 and 13.4(More)
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