Jingyun Fan

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With in vivo confocal neuroimaging (ICON), single retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) can be visualized non-invasively, repeatedly, in real-time and under natural conditions. Here we report the use of ICON to visualize dynamic changes in RGC morphology, connectivity and functional activation using calcium markers, and to visualize nanoparticle transport across(More)
We demonstrate a bright, bandwidth-tunable, quasi-phase-matched single-waveguide source generating photon pairs near 900 nm and 1300 nm. Two-photon coincidence spectra are measured at a range of operating temperatures of a periodically-poled KTiOPO(4) (PPKTP) waveguide, which supports both type-0 and type-II spontaneous parametric down-conversion. We map(More)
Correlated phases of matter provide long-term stability for systems as diverse as solids, magnets and potential exotic quantum materials. Mechanical systems, such as buckling transition spring switches, can have engineered, stable configurations whose dependence on a control variable is reminiscent of non-equilibrium phase transitions. In hybrid(More)
A hallmark feature of topological physics is the presence of one-way propagating chiral modes at the system boundary 1,2. The chirality of edge modes is a consequence of the topological character of the bulk. For example, in a non-interacting quantum Hall model, edge modes manifest as mid-gap states between two topologically distinct bulk bands. The bulk–(More)
We map the transverse profile of light beams using photon-number-resolving detectors, and observe compression of beam profiles for higher detected photon-number, enabling contrast enhancement between two Airy disk beams at the Rayleigh limit.
Proposed discrimination of photon numbers is based on sum-squared error between an individual detector response curve and a calibration suite of response templates corresponding to a range of photon numbers. Templates for low numbers are obtained directly from data. Templates for higher photon numbers are extrapolated from fits describing incremental(More)
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