Jingyue Yang

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BACKGROUND Polyphenols, a group of complex naturally occurring compounds, are widely distributed throughout the plant kingdom and are therefore readily consumed by humans. The relationship between their chemical structure and intestinal absorption, transport, and first-pass metabolism remains unresolved, however. METHODS Here, we investigated the(More)
This study evaluated the association between free fatty acid (FFA), ROS generation, mitochondrial dysfunction and bone mineral density (BMD) in type 2 diabetic patients and investigated the molecular mechanism. db/db and high fat (HF)-fed mice were treated by Etomoxir, an inhibitor of CPT1, MitoQ, and PFT-α, an inhibitor of P53. Bone metabolic factors were(More)
Voltage source converter (VSC)-based high voltage direct current (VSC-HVDC) interconnectors can realize accurate and fast control of power transmission among AC networks, and provide emergency power support for AC networks. VSC-HVDC interconnectors bring exclusive fault characteristics to AC networks, thus influencing the performance of traditional(More)
A total synthesis of the aglycone of IB-00208 was accomplished in 22 steps using a newly developed approach towards polycyclic 1,4-dioxygenated xanthones from benzocyclobutenones. The generality of this entry to xanthones was initially established on several model systems before it was successfully applied to the construction of the hexacyclic core of the(More)
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