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—Nodes in a hexagonal network are placed at the vertices of a regular triangular tessellation, so that each node has up to six neighbors. The network is proposed as an alternative interconnection network to mesh connected computer (with nodes serving as processors) and is used also to model cellular networks where nodes are base stations. In this paper, we(More)
2.1 INTRODUCTION It has been known for over one hundred years that radio can be used to keep in touch with people on the move. However, wireless communications using radio were not popular until Bell Laboratories developed the cellular concept to reuse the radio frequency in the 1960s and 1970s [31]. In the past decade, cellular communications have(More)
bstract e One of the fundamental algorithmic problems in computer science involves selecting th-th smallest element in a collection of elements. We propose an algorithm design m k A n ethodology to solve the selection problem on meshes with multiple broadcasting. Our methodology leads to a selection algorithm that runs in O() time on a mesh n (log n) 4 n(More)
Botnets become widespread in wired and wireless networks, whereas the relevant research is still in the initial stage. In this paper, a survey of botnets is provided. We first discuss fundamental concepts of botnets, including formation and exploitation, lifecycle, and two major kinds of topologies. Several related attacks, detection, tracing, and(More)