Jingyuan Yin

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The extraction of urban vegetation information is a focal study point of the city remote sensing. To address the limitations of urban regional scale and the features of extraction of urban vegetation from high resolution satellite image based on object-oriented approach, this paper presented a new approach to use segmentation of high-resolution remote(More)
We studied the effects of general anaesthesia on memory 7 days and 3 months following elective hernia surgery. Sixty children aged between 7 and 13 years were randomly allocated to receive either propofol or sevoflurane. Memory was classified into immediate, short-term and long-term memory and assessed using the Wechsler Memory Scale-Propofol impaired(More)
Method of physical optics is used to simulate backetscattering cross section of dihedral corner and triangular trihedral corner, RCS characteristic of dihedral corner reflectors with a series of parameter changing is analyzed, such as the width, length and intersection angle etc. The reliability of RCS simulation for triangular trihedral corner in this(More)
An efficient method to extract urban road based on the side trees from a high resolution remote sensing image is proposed. First, the high resolution remote sensing image was preprocessed so as to improve the extraction accuracy and reduce the difficulty of later treatment. Second, according to the reflective property of side trees and urban road, it is(More)
Landslide is one of the most important natural disasters, which has wide distribution region, high frequencies of occurrence and fast movement speed. The landslide data have characteristic of highly nonlinear, fuzzy features and a large amount of data. In this paper, considering the characteristics of the landslide data and the shortage of SVM, the fuzzy(More)
Corner reflectors are widely applied to the precise monitoring of crustal deformation. As shown in recently, however, the machining tolerance of rectangle trihedral corner reflectors in the production and deploy process often results in the changes of RCS. The Radar Cross Section (RCS) of rectangle trihedral corner reflectors are calculated based on(More)
Thematic information detection is an important application of remote sensing image. Support vector machine (SVM) has been widely used in MODIS remote sensing detection. However, the difficulty of SVM application is how to select the suitable kernel function for remote sensing image. In this paper, the Sangeang Api volcanic ash cloud on May 30, 2014 is taken(More)
Conflicting associations between define (KCNJ11) variations and susceptibility to late-onset (>40 years old) type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) have been reported in different ethnic groups. We investigated whether the E23K (G→A, rs5219) or A190A (C→T, rs5218) variations in KCNJ11 are associated with early-onset T2DM and blood pressure in the Chinese(More)
Simulations of solar energy diffusion among households benefit the promotional strategies plotting. In this paper, an agent-based model is built for simulating the solar energy diffusion process in residential consumer market. Self-developed surveys indicate that purchase price and government policy are the most important features which impact the(More)
In this paper, we investigate the multiple attribute decision making (MADM) problems for for evaluating the computer network security with interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy information. To determine the attribute weights, a model based on the information entropy, by which the attribute weights can be determined, is established. We utilize the(More)