Jingyuan Huang

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Within tone languages that use pitch variations to contrast meaning, large variability exists in the pitches produced by different speakers. Context-dependent perception may help to resolve this perceptual challenge. However, whether speakers rely on context in contour tone perception is unclear; previous studies have produced inconsistent results. The(More)
Perceptual aftereffects have been referred to as "the psychologist's microelectrode" because they can expose dimensions of representation through the residual effect of a context stimulus upon perception of a subsequent target. The present study uses such context-dependence to examine the dimensions of representation involved in a classic demonstration of(More)
Huang and Holt [(2009). J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 125, 3983-3994] suggest that listeners may dynamically tune lexical tone perception via general auditory sensitivity to the mean f0 of the preceding context, effectively normalizing pitch differences across talkers. The present experiments further examine the effect using the missing-f0 phenomenon as a means of(More)
Image-based modeling is a longstanding research topic in computer vision. Reconstruction based on a single image is a particularly difficult example. This paper presents a simple reconstruction method that quickly extracts 3D geometric structure from a single indoor photograph consisting mainly of orthogonal planes. Our method takes advantage of perspective(More)
Shape grammars have been used as a method for modeling buildings, both in architecture and in computer graphics. In this report, we survey some of the shape grammar papers, present some projects using shape grammars, and give our evaluation of shape grammars in computer graphics. In particular, we feel shape grammars are useful for generating a large(More)
The importance of phonological awareness for learning to read may depend on the linguistic properties of a language. This study provides a careful examination of this language-specific theory by exploring the role of phoneme-level awareness in Mandarin Chinese, a language with an orthography that, at its surface, appears to require little phoneme-level(More)
Müller et al. introduced CGA shape, a shape grammar for procedural modeling of architecture [Müller et al. 2006b], which they applied to Mayan archaeological site in Xkipché [Müller et al. 2006a]. Inspired by this application of shape grammars to archaeology, we built a simple reconstruction application that uses a shape grammar to build(More)
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