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This paper proposes a new MAC protocol applied for a new kind of data collection applications that use a wireless sensor network employed with one unmanned aerial vehicle (WSN-UAV). In this protocol, the sensors are classified in different groups based on priorities and communicate with the UAV by a CDMA-based transmission scheme. The Prioritized Frame(More)
This paper proposes a novel and promising MAC protocol applied for the new wireless sensor network based data collection applications that coordinate with an unmanned aerial vehicle (WSN-UAV). In this system, before communicating with the UAV by the CDMA-based transmission technique, the active sensors are divided into a number of sub groups with an(More)
This paper introduces a new kind of communication system that is proposed for oceanic air traffic control, especially works under the high air traffic conditions. The aircraft position reports are sent to the ground controllers by relaying them via other aircrafts. To do so, multi-hop ad-hoc networks that are based on these aircrafts is proposed to use. In(More)
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