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Soybean meal is the most commonly used protein source in animal feeds. Among the undesirable attributes of soybean meal is the high level of β-mannan, which was determined to be detrimental to the growth performance of animals. β-Mannan is a type of hemicellulose in the plant cell wall and can be hydrolyzed by endo-β-mannanase. The goal of this study is to(More)
Glucose-derived water-soluble crystalline graphene quantum dots (GQDs) with an average diameter as small as 1.65 nm (∼5 layers) were prepared by a facile microwave-assisted hydrothermal method. The GQDs exhibits deep ultraviolet (DUV) emission of 4.1 eV, which is the shortest emission wavelength among all the solution-based QDs. The GQDs exhibit typical(More)
Shape from defocus (SFD) is one of the most popular techniques in monocular 3D vision. While most SFD approaches require two or more images of the same scene captured at a fixed view point, this paper presents an efficient approach to estimate absolute depth from a single defocused image. Instead of directly measuring defocus level of each pixel, we propose(More)
—A transient image is the optical impulse response of a scene which visualizes light propagation during an ultra-short time interval. In this paper we discover that the data captured by a multifrequency time-of-flight (ToF) camera is the Fourier transform of a transient image, and identify the sources of systematic error. Based on the discovery we propose a(More)
Salicylic acid plays a critical role in activating plant defence responses after pathogen attack. Salicylic acid methyltransferase (SAMT) modulates the level of salicylic acid by converting salicylic acid to methyl salicylate. Here, we report that a SAMT gene from soybean (GmSAMT1) plays a role in soybean defence against soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera(More)
Computational methods offer great hope but limited accuracy in the prediction of functional cis-regulatory elements; improvements are needed to enable synthetic promoter design. We applied an ensemble strategy for de novo soybean cyst nematode (SCN)-inducible motif discovery among promoters of 18 co-expressed soybean genes that were selected from six(More)
—Planar lightwave circuits based on III-nitride wide-bandgap semiconductors are proposed and the feasibility of developing III-nitride-based novel photonic integrated circuits for applications in fiber-optical communications is discussed. III-nitrides have low attenuation in the near-infrared wavelength region because of their wide bandgaps, while as(More)
A much-simplified method of making flexible GaN blue light-emitting diode (LED) array on a plastic substrate was demonstrated. A sticky elastomeric stamp was first brought into contact with prefabricated GaN LED array on a sapphire substrate. Laser liftoff was applied by shining laser light through the sapphire substrate. The released LED array sitting on(More)
Full-scale self-emissive displays based on gallium nitride micro-size LEDs may be suitable for ultra-portable products such as next-generation handheld projectors. Microdisplays, which find use in head-wearing displays, cam-corders, and viewfinders, are small high-resolution displays that are typically magnified by optics to enlarge the image that the user(More)
A hybrid TiO 2-carbon nanofiber hierarchical nanostructure has been fabricated by the metal-organic chemical vapor deposition of a TiO 2 layer onto the vertically aligned carbon nanofiber array. As the deposition time increases from 10 to 60 min, the TiO 2 coating changes from the particulated conformal ultrathin film to a nanoneedle-like texture along the(More)