Jingyu Chen

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Resource allocation mechanism plays a critical role towards the success of cloud computing. Existing allocation mechanisms in public cloud is unsuitable to private IaaS cloud because they either cannot maximize the sum of users value, or provide no service guarantee. For overcome these shortcomings, we propose a novel online, model-free mechanism that makes(More)
—Uncertainty is inherent in data streams, and present new challenges to data streams mining. For continuous arriving and large size of data streams, modeling sequences of uncertain time series data streams require significantly more space. Therefore, it is important to construct compressed representation for storing uncertain time series data. Based on(More)
—The process of learning Bayesian networks includes structure learning and parameters learning. During the process, learning the structure of Bayesian networks based on a large database is a NP hard problem. The paper presents a new hybrid algorithm by integrating the algorithms of MMPC (max-min parents and children), PSO (particle swarm optimization) and(More)
—Due to the inaccuracy and noisy, uncertainty is inherent in time series streams, and increases the complexity of streams clustering. For the continuous arriving and massive data size, efficient data storage is a crucial task for clustering uncertain data streams. With hash-compressed structure, an extended uncertain sketch and update strategy are proposed(More)
Online discussion forums are computer-mediated social networks where individuals self-organise to help each other and share knowledge, advice, and perspectives about their common interests. The present study empirically examines the dynamics and changes to the properties and structure of an electronic network based on an online forum during a massive(More)
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