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According to the low yield of edible fungus and the poor quality of edible fungi in factory, the production management situation in edible fungi factory was analyzed. Then the solution of edible fungi factory HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) MIS(management information system) based on RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) technology was(More)
Naxi pictograph is the only still using hieroglyph all over the world, which does a positive role in the research for evolution history of human language. Through the analysis for the characteristics and information processing of Naxi pictograph, this paper proposes a transcription scheme of Naxi Pictograph input method from phonetic into primitives, and(More)
Naxi pictograph is a Tibeto-Burman, and it is the only pictograph in use nowadays. The traditional national minority language network information processing downloads through the ActiveX technology the typeface as the card the client side, after the installment only then can browse normally contains the national minority language homepage, this mode(More)
As a kind of pictographic character, Naxi pictographs character has received little academic attention. Proposing dimension reduction method of Naxi pictographs characters on the basis of LDA (Linear Discriminant Analysis), this paper thus makes an in-depth study of feature dimension reduction, an important issue in the recognition of Naxi pictographs(More)
Cooperative Learning is one of the basic characters of independent creative learning, and network environment is an important means of promoting Cooperative Learning. This paper not only analyses the theory of Web-based Cooperative Learning, learning content and learning pattern, but also proposes relevant implement measures combining the course features of(More)
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