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Silica waveguides with diameters larger than the wavelength of transmitted light are widely used in optical communications, sensors and other applications. Minimizing the width of the waveguides is desirable for photonic device applications, but the fabrication of low-loss optical waveguides with subwavelength diameters remains challenging because of strict(More)
With diameter close to or below the wavelength of guided light and high index contrast between the fiber core and the surrounding, an optical microfiber shows a variety of interesting waveguiding properties, including widely tailorable optical confinement, evanescent fields and waveguide dispersion. Among various microfiber applications, optical sensing has(More)
Blood cell analysis, including blood cell counting, is the key point for modern pathological study as well as medical diagnosis. Taking into account both resources and environment of the medical research, analyzing blood cells under the microscope, instead of dedicated blood cell analyzer, provides a more intuitive and convenient way for research uses. This(More)
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