Jingyao Dai

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Energy efficiency has proven to be an important factor dominating the working period of WSN surveillance systems. Intensive studies have been done to provide energy efficient power management mechanisms. In this paper, we present PAS, a Prediction-based Adaptive Sleeping mechanism for environment monitoring sensor networks to conserve energy. PAS focuses on(More)
This paper presents the design of a Kindred-based QoS-aware Live Media Streaming (KQStream) system in heterogeneous peer-to-peer environments. Motivated by the Multiple Description Coding technique, we propose a novel kindred-based approach to construct a peer-to-peer overlay topology. To achieve QoS-awareness during the streaming process, we propose a(More)
In this demo, we propose a novel clock calibration approach called FLIGHT, which leverages the fact that the fluorescent light intensity changes with a stable period that equals half of the alternating current's. By tuning to the light emitted from indoor fluorescent lamps, FLIGHT can intelligently extract the light period information and achieve network(More)
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