Jingyang Huang

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Most studies in this journal describe recent patents. The present study only has one such reference. Instead, we hope that its contents will trigger investigation of antidepressant drugs along the suggested lines and lead to ensuing patent applications - first and foremost by more focus on astrocytes. Clinical research has already pointed towards the(More)
Excessive production of nitric oxide (NO) by inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) from reactive astrocytes and microglia may contribute to the development of many types of neurological diseases. Insulin has been shown to inhibit the expression of iNOS, in several organs and cell types. Although insulin and its receptors are present in the central nervous(More)
Common biological effects by all three conventional anti-bipolar drugs, the lithium ion (Li+), carbamazepine, and valproic acid, are important because identical effects may provide information about the pathophysiology of affective disorders. It has been reported that chronic treatment with either drug in vivo down-regulates the turnover of arachidonic acid(More)
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