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Compatible taper and volume equations for yellow-poplar in West Virginia
Abstract Compatible segmented polynomial taper and volume functions were developed for yellow-poplar ( Liriodendron tulipifera L.) from two ecoregions of West Virginia. The data were based on stemExpand
Productivity and cost of manual felling and cable skidding in central Appalachian hardwood forests
A field production study was conducted for a manual harvesting system using a chainsaw and cable skidder in a central Appalachian hardwood forest site. A partial cut was performed on a 50-acre tractExpand
Effects of tree species mixture on soil organic carbon stocks and greenhouse gas fluxes in subtropical plantations in China
Indigenous broadleaf plantations are increasingly being developed as a prospective silvicultural app roach for substituting coniferous plantations in subtropical China. Three plantations ofExpand
Roles of biotic and abiotic variables in determining spatial variation of soil respiration in secondary oak and planted pine forests
Abstract Monoculture pine plantation (PP) was widely established after clear-cutting of natural forests last century in China. However, its effects on soil CO2 efflux (RS) temporally and spatiallyExpand
Production and cost analysis of a feller-buncher and grapple skidder in central Appalachian hardwood forests
A mechanized harvesting system consisting of a feller-buncher and grapple skidder was examined in four central Appalachian hardwood sites. Diameter at breast height (DBH) of felled trees averagedExpand
Rhizospheric and heterotrophic respiration of a warm-temperate oak chronosequence in China
It is found that the temporal variation of RR and RH can be well explained by soil temperature (T5) at 5 cm depth using exponential equations for all forests, however, RR of 40- year-old and 48-year-old forests peaked in September, while their T5 peaks occurred in August. Expand
Variation in soil respiration under the tree canopy in a temperate mixed forest, central China, under different soil water conditions
The forest canopy cover can directly and indirectly affect soil conditions and hence soil carbon emission through soil respiration. Little is known, however, on the effects of canopy cover on soilExpand
Production economics of harvesting small-diameter hardwood stands in central Appalachia
Three harvesting systems of chainsaw/cable skidder, feller-buncher/grapple skidder, and harvester/forwarder were simulated in harvesting three hardwood stands 30 to 50 years old in centralExpand
Differential responses of soil respiration to soil warming and experimental throughfall reduction in a transitional oak forest in central China
Examining responses of soil respiration to climate change is crucial for understanding future terrestrial carbon (C) cycling. However, the interaction between climate warming and precipitationExpand
A centrifugal method has been modified and applied to the assessment of water retention value (WRV) in cellulosic materials. Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), small particles/fibrils isolated fromExpand