Jingxin K. Wang

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Understanding the relationships between climate and carbon exchange by terrestrial ecosystems is critical to predict future levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide because of the potential accelerating effects of positive climate–carbon cycle feedbacks. However, directly observed relationships between climate and terrestrial CO2 exchange with the atmosphere(More)
Landsat Thematic mapper (TM) image has long been the dominate data source, and recently LiDAR has offered an important new structural data stream for forest biomass estimations. On the other hand, forest biomass uncertainty analysis research has only recently obtained sufficient attention due to the difficulty in collecting reference data. This paper(More)
Soil respiration (RS) and soil carbon stocks, as well as stand properties were investigated in a warm-temperate oak chronosequence in order to understand the age effect on soil CO2 efflux. The chronosequence consisted of three 40-year-old, 48-year-old, 80-year-old, and 143-year-old oak stands, respectively. RS measurements were conducted using a Li-8100(More)
A transition matrix growth and an ingrowth model were developed and applied to an uneven-aged mixed-species forest in the Changbai Mountains, northeastern of China. Results indicate that the constant-parameter transition probabilities for all species in the mixed uneven-aged forest could be classified into three groups based on the mean upgrowth(More)
An optimization model was developed to determine the optimal harvesting strategy needed for uneven-aged mixed-species stands in the Changbai Mountain region of northeast of China. The model takes into account four variables including residual basal area (RBA), the diameter of the largest tree, harvest cycle and a constant representing the ratio of the(More)
A two-stage approach was presented to select woody biomass-based biofuel plants using GIS spatial analysis and the multi-criteria analysis ranking algorithm of compromise programming. Site suitability was evaluated to minimize the direct cost for investors and the potential negative environmental impacts. The first step was to create a site suitability(More)
PROBLEM Logging continues to be a major source of injuries in northeast China. This paper describes logging-related injuries in the Jilin Province of the People's Republic of China. METHODS Logging fatalities and nonfatal injuries were summarized from 1981 to 1990 in Jilin. Injury data from 1991 for the entire forestry sector in China were also analyzed.(More)
The forest canopy cover can directly and indirectly affect soil conditions and hence soil carbon emission through soil respiration. Little is known, however, on the effects of canopy cover on soil respiration under the canopy of different tree species and soil water conditions. We have examined the variation in soil respiration at different soil water(More)
Variations in seasonal snowfall regulate regional and global climatic systems and vegetation growth by changing energy budgets of the lower atmosphere and land surface. We investigated the effects of snow on the start of growing season (SGS) of temperate vegetation in China. Across the entire temperate region in China, the winter snow depth increased at a(More)
Turbidity and suspended-sediment changes from stream-crossing construction on a forest haul road in West Virginia, USA" (2013). USDA Forest Service / UNL Faculty Publications. Paper 247. A forested headwater watershed in West Virginia was monitored to examine changes to in-stream turbidity following the construction of a 0.92 km (0.57 mi) haul road. Due to(More)