Jingxin Hong

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To accomplish real-time tracking of moving objects requirements, and overcome the defect of occlusion in the process of tracking moving object, this paper presents a set of real-time tracking system. The tracking system uses a combination of camshift and kalman filter algorithm. When the moving object is a large area blocked, the velocity of moving object(More)
Transcription and pre-mRNA splicing are the key nuclear processes in eukaryotic gene expression, and identification of factors common to both processes has suggested that they are functionally coordinated. p100 protein has been shown to function as a transcriptional co-activator for several transcription factors. p100 consists of staphylococcal nuclease(More)
ˉAimed at the infrared images with mixed noise, this paper proposes a new adaptive weighted mixed filtering algorithm. The new algorithm first judges the type of the noise according to the difference values of pixel's neighborhood region. Then removes the gauss noise by self-adaptive weighted mean filter and removes the impulse noise by self-adaptive(More)
In the paper, an image mosaic algorithm based on SURF feature matching is proposed. The algorithm uses SURF operator which has strong robustness and superior performance to extract features instead of conventional SIFT operator. The extracted features are matched by a novel matching scheme - fast bidirectional matching. Then a RANSAC algorithm is applied to(More)
Edge detection is an important issue in computer vision and image processing. Of course, it is a crucial work for the location of pupil and mouth in the driver fatigue detection system. This paper introduces most important and commonly used edge detection algorithms, such as Roberts, Prewitt, Sobel, Canny and so on, which are applied to the driver fatigue(More)
In this paper, a novel multifocus image fusion method based on region selection is proposed. The basic idea is to select sharply focused regions from source images and to combine them together to reconstruct the resultant image. Region Acutance as a kind of superior sharpness criterion is introduced here for region segmentation. In view of the inevitably(More)
As the innovative products of Office, Office2007 and Office2010 use Open XML language to describe and ZIP to pack, and choose the SHA1-AES encryption mechanism. The paper started from the document structure, extracted the encryption information flow, and then cracked respectively the password on CPU computing computer and GPU computing platform by password(More)
Analyzing the document structure and encryption mechanism of Microsoft Office2003, we designed the password recovery experiments on both CPU and CUDA platform, and then discussed the security with time consumption as the indicator. The GPU's multicore and multithread structure makes it very suitable for executing parallel task, thus greatly accelerated the(More)
Project description: The goal of the project is to monitor the activity of children on the playground using one or more surveillance cameras. Children in the playground will be identified and tracked by software installed on a computer. Parents can watch their children on a computer screen or an android based smartphone. If the system loses view contact on(More)