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Infusion of human umbilical cord‑derived mesenchymal stem cells effectively relieves liver cirrhosis in DEN‑induced rats.
Cirrhosis is the long‑term outcome of chronic hepatic injury and no effective therapy is currently available for this disease. Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) are multipotent cells that are easilyExpand
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Moving object tracking system based on camshift and Kalman filter
To accomplish real-time tracking of moving objects requirements, and overcome the defect of occlusion in the process of tracking moving object, this paper presents a set of real-time tracking system.Expand
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A New Self-Adaptive Weighted Filter for Removing Noise in Infrared Images
Aimed at the infrared images with mixed noise, this paper proposes a new adaptive weighted mixed filtering algorithm. The new algorithm first judges the type of the noise according to the differenceExpand
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Image Mosaic Based on SURF Feature Matching
In the paper, an image mosaic algorithm based on SURF feature matching is proposed. The algorithm uses SURF operator which has strong robustness and superior performance to extract features insteadExpand
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A comparison of edge detection algorithm using for driver fatigue detection system
Edge detection is an important issue in computer vision and image processing. Of course, it is a crucial work for the location of pupil and mouth in the driver fatigue detection system. This paperExpand
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Optimization of 2.4KBPS MELPe based on ARM9
MELPe (Mixed-Excitation Linear Predictive Enhancement) is an enhanced algorithm of MELP, which includes noise pre-processor and achieves better speech quality than MELP. To meet the demand ofExpand
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Multifocus image fusion based on region selection
In this paper, a novel multifocus image fusion method based on region selection is proposed. The basic idea is to select sharply focused regions from source images and to combine them together toExpand
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Study of Infrared Image Enhancement Algorithm in Front End
In this paper, we propose a linear enhancement algorithm for original infrared images. The algorithm which is choosing the transform threshold based on infrared detector's features, that is aExpand
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Analysis of OpenXML-based office encryption mechanism
As the innovative products of Office, Office2007 and Office2010 use Open XML language to describe and ZIP to pack, and choose the SHA1-AES encryption mechanism. The paper started from the documentExpand
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Design of tracking system based on mean-shift and Kalman filter
This paper presents a set of real-time tracking system based on mean-shift and Kalman filter. The proposed system is composed of two major modules. The host computer adopts tracking algorithmExpand
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