Jingxiang Xu

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Ni sintering in the Ni/YSZ porous anode of a solid oxide fuel cell changes the porous structure, leading to degradation. Preventing sintering and degradation during operation is a great challenge. Usually, a sintering molecular dynamics (MD) simulation model consisting of two particles on a substrate is used; however, the model cannot reflect the porous(More)
Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings have attracted much attention as an excellent solid lubricant due to their low-friction properties. However, wear is still a problem for the durability of DLC coatings. Tensile stress on the surface of DLC coatings has an important effect on the wear behavior during friction. To improve the tribological properties of DLC(More)
In this Communication, we use density functional theory (DFT) to examine the fracture properties of ceria (CeO2), which is a promising electrolyte material for lowering the working temperature of solid oxide fuel cells. We estimate the stress-strain curve by fitting the energy density calculated by DFT. The calculated Young's modulus of 221.8 GPa is of the(More)
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