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The mitochondrial genome of the Vespa mandarinia Smith (Hymenoptera: Vespidae: Vespinae) and a phylogenetic analysis of the Vespoidea
Phylogenetic analysis using the Bayesian method based on all codon positions of the 13 protein-coding genes supports the monophyly of Vespinae and Formicidae. Expand
Notes on the genus Ismarus Haliday (Hymenoptera, Diapriidae) from China
Three new species from the Oriental region of China and belonging to Ismarus halidayi-group are described and illustrated and two species are newly reported for the Chinese fauna. Expand
Study on the genus Phaneroserphus Pschorn-Walcher, 1958 (Hymenoptera, Proctotrupidae) from China
Six species of the genus Phaneroserphus Pschorn-Walcher,1958 from China are recognized and described,including two new species:P. bui sp. nov. and P. nigritibialis sp. nov.,P. cristatus Townes etExpand
Grayanane diterpenoids from the flowers of Rhododendron molle with cytotoxic activity against a Spodoptera frugiperda cell line.
Two new grayanane diterpenoids, rhodomolins A (1) and B (2), together with two known diter Penoid families were isolated from the flowers of Rhododendron molle and the structures of 1 and 2 were elucidated on the basis of interpretation of spectroscopic data. Expand
Two new species of Exallonyx Kieffer (Hymenoptera: Proctotrupidae) from China, with a key to the Chinese species
Two new species, Exallonyx strictus and Exallonyx pingbianensis, are described and illustrated herein from China. Both species belong to the formicarius-group of subgenus Exallonyx Kieffer. A key forExpand
Distribution of Holttumochloa (Poaceae: Bambusoideae) in China with description of a new species revealed by morphological and molecular evidence
Morphologically, H. hainanensis is similar to Holttumochloa korbuensis, but can be clearly distinguished from it in having larger culms covered by white wax, longer leaf blades, larger pseudospikelets and anthers. Expand
Next-Generation Sequencing of Two Mitochondrial Genomes from Family Pompilidae (Hymenoptera: Vespoidea) Reveal Novel Patterns of Gene Arrangement
The genomes presented in this study have enriched the knowledge base of molecular markers, which is valuable in respect to studies about the gene rearrangement mechanism, genomic evolutionary processes and phylogeny of Hymenoptera. Expand
Laboratory and field evaluations of rhodojaponin-III against the imported cabbage worm Pieris rapae (L.) (Lepidoptera: Pieridae).
The results suggest that further research to develop R-III, and extracts from R. molle, as biorational pesticides or as lead compounds for integrated pest management deserve consideration. Expand
The genus Omalus Panzer, 1801 (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae) from China, with descriptions of four new species
The Chinese species of the genus Omalus Panzer, 1801 are revised and keyed for the first time and four are new to science and one is new to China. Expand
Contribution to the knowledge on the spider wasps genus Morochares Banks, 1934 (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae) from China.
Five species of the genus Morochares Banks, 1934 are reported from China, four of them are described and illustrated as new species: M. sinica Loktionov Lelej, sp. nov. (Guangdong, Hainan), M. wahisiExpand