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While simply introducing the emergency rescue command system, this article analyzes the deficiency of the quality evaluation methods of the common software used for evaluating the rescue system. Based on this, more scientific, accurate, comprehensive and objective multi-level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation methods are brought forward; aiming at the(More)
For <i>Kung Fu Panda 3</i> we produced an alternate version reanimated with Mandarin dialog, the first of its kind. This presented unique production challenges for both DreamWorks Animation (DWA) and Oriental DreamWorks (ODW), as each has their own pipeline and toolset. With the goal of achieving the same quality level across both versions within budget and(More)
Environment matting captures not only a foreground object and its opacity matte, but also a description of how that object refracts and reflects light. As radiance value is more accurate than color value when sampling a real scene and displaying it on digital devices, a method of dynamic environment matting in radiance space is presented to decrease the(More)
In May 2008, SFDA released the implementation scheme of drug electronic supervision work, bringing forward clear requirements for the informatization supervision work of drug safety. The condition of standardizing the enterprise operation process through implementing GSP management software aiming at the electronic supervision of the drug retail enterprises(More)
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