Jingxian Wu

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In this paper, a statistical discrete-time model is proposed for simulating wideband multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) fading channels which are trebly selective due to angle spread, Doppler spread and delay spread. The new discrete-time MIMO channel model includes the combined effects of the transmit filter, physical MIMO multipath channel fading and(More)
— Network connectivity is a critical metric for the planning, design, and evaluation of ad hoc networks. In this paper, the connectivity properties of a linear vehicular ad hoc network (VANET) with high speed mobile nodes and dynamic node populations are investigated. The nodes are assumed to be arriving at the network following a Poisson distribution, and(More)
—In this paper, a pilot-assisted minimum mean square error (MMSE) multiuser channel estimation algorithm is proposed for quasi-synchronous code-division multiple-access (CDMA) systems that undergo frequency-selective channel fading. The frequency-selective multiuser fading channel is represented as a symbol-wise time-varying chip-spaced tapped delay line(More)
We report a novel peptide probe for the detection of neurokinin-1 receptor using disaggregation-caused signal enhancement. The probe was obtained via the aggregation of a modified substance P in a terpyridine-Fe (II) complex with Gd (III)-DOTA into well-defined nanostructures, which effectively weaken ligand fluorescence and slow the exchange rate of(More)
We study the effects on M&A outcomes of CEO network centrality, which measures the extent and strength of a CEO's personal connections. High network centrality can allow CEOs to efficiently gather and control private information, facilitating value-creating acquisition decisions. We show, however, that M&A deals initiated by high-centrality CEOs, in(More)
—This paper describes the design of a smart home system. This design is able to talk wirelessly with radios attached to each end node and the base station. The end nodes collect data and send it back to the base station where an 8051 microcontroller and an Arduino board interpret the information. The intent is to make a person can feel safer in their home,(More)
In social psychology, agentic behavior connotes excessive obedience to a proximate authority, and is mitigated by a rival authority or peer voicing dissent. Corporate governance reformers advocate non-CEO chairs and independent directors, respectively, as potential rival authorities and dissenting peers – plausibly to mitigate excessive director loyalty to(More)
—In this paper, a pilot assisted minimum mean square error multiuser channel estimation algorithm is proposed for quasi-synchronous CDMA systems. The doubly selective multiuser fading channel is represented as a time-varying chip-spaced tapped delay line filter with correlated filter taps. The multiuser channel tap coefficients at pilot symbol positions are(More)
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