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A simple, novel, and general method is presented in this paper for approximating the sum of independent or arbitrarily correlated lognormal random variables (RV) by a single lognormal RV. The method is also shown to be applicable for approximating the sum of lognormal-Rice and Suzuki RVs by a single lognormal RV. A sum consisting of a mixture of the above(More)
In this paper, a statistical discrete-time model is proposed for simulating wideband multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) fading channels which are trebly selective due to angle spread, Doppler spread and delay spread. The new discrete-time MIMO channel model includes the combined effects of the transmit filter, physical MIMO multipath channel fading and(More)
The optimum energy efficient and spectral efficient designs for type-I automatic-repeat-request (ARQ) systems in Rayleigh flat fading channels are studied in this paper. Three optimum designs are considered: the first scheme maximizes the energy efficiency (EE), or equivalently, minimizes the total energy per information bit without considering the spectral(More)
Oxidative damage plays a critical role in many diseases of the central nervous system. This study was conducted to determine the molecular mechanisms involved in the putative anti-oxidative effects of curcumin against experimental stroke. Oxygen and glucose deprivation/reoxygenation (OGD/R) was used to mimic ischemic insult in primary cultured cortical(More)
A simple and novel method is presented to approximate by the lognormal distribution the probability density function of the sum of correlated lognormal random variables. The method is also shown to work well for approximating the distribution of the sum of lognormal-Rice or Suzuki random variables by the lognormal distribution. The method is based on(More)
Spectral efficiency is a key characteristic of cellular communications systems, as it quantifies how well the scarce spectrum resource is utilized. It is influenced by the scheduling algorithm as well as the signal and interference statistics, which, in turn, depend on the propagation characteristics. In this paper we derive analytical expressions for the(More)
This paper studies the optimum system design that can maximize the spectral efficiency of high mobility wireless communication systems with imperfect channel state information (CSI). The fast time-varying fading in high mobility systems can be tracked with pilot-assisted channel estimation. The percentage of pilot symbols in the transmitted symbols plays a(More)