Jingxia Li

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A hybrid life detection radar system which transmits a wideband chaotic signal containing an embedded single-tone is proposed. The chaotic signal is used for target localization by the time-domain correlation method and synthetic aperture technique, and the single-tone signal is used to measure the frequencies of breathing and heartbeat based on an on-chip(More)
A chaotic radar system has been developed for through-wall detection and ranging of targets. The chaotic signal generated by an improved Colpitts oscillator is designed as a probe signal. Ranging to target is achieved by the cross-correlation between the time-delayed reflected return signal and the replica of the transmitted chaotic signal. In this paper,(More)
Along with the application and popularity of transportation information grid system, users become more and more, original configuration can't meet actual demand. In this paper we establish timed colored Petri net process model for Service On Demand process, which is one of the main service provided by the system. Through simulating increasing users and the(More)
Along with web service composition becomes more and more complexity, design of composition process becomes more and more error-prone. In this article we put forward a WSC_ECPN model for web service composition description based on extended colored Petri net. This model is independent of any concrete process description languages, supports process(More)
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