Jingwen Araki

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The red-eared slider turtle (Trachemys scripta elegans) was intentionally introduced from the United States to Japan as a pet in the 1950s and has become established throughout much of the country. We examined red-eared slider turtles from two localities in Japan for foreign parasitic helminths. Consequently, a total of seven species of helminths were(More)
The monotypic Kamegainema n. gen. is proposed for Filaria cingula, a subcutaneous parasite of cryptobranchids. Examination of female specimens recently collected from the Japanese giant salamander, Andrias japonicus, revealed that it belongs to Dracunculidae. Kamegainema is closest to Protenema Petter and Planelles, 1986, the only other dracunculid genus(More)
AIMS Like drug addiction, cues associated with palatable foods can trigger food-seeking, even when sated. However, whether susceptibility to the motivating influence of food-related cues is a predisposing factor in overeating or a consequence of poor diet is difficult to determine in humans. Using a rodent model, we explored whether a highly palatable 'junk(More)
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