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Development of isoform-selective histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors is of great biological and medical interest. Among 11 zinc-dependent HDAC isoforms, it is particularly challenging to achieve isoform inhibition selectivity between HDAC1 and HDAC2 due to their very high structural similarities. In this work, by developing and applying a novel de novo(More)
Sustainability research faces many challenges as respective environmental, urban and regional contexts are experiencing rapid changes at an unprecedented spatial granularity level, which involves growing massive data and the need for spatial relationship detection at a faster pace. Spatial join is a fundamental method for making data more informative with(More)
The paper analyzes the sturcture of heating network monitoring system and introduces the design and realization of the heating network monitoring system based on industry ethernet and configuration software, the building of industry ethernet and the realization follow and function of the upper monitoring interface software is expounded emphatically. By(More)
BACKGROUND To validate a gradient-based segmentation method for gross tumor volume(GTV) delineation on (8)F-fluorothymidine (FLT)positron emission tomography (PET)/ computer tomography (CT) in esophageal squamous cell cancer through pathologic specimen, in comparison with standardized uptake values (SUV) threshold-based methods and CT. The corresponding(More)
Immobilized fermentation has several advantages over traditional suspended fermentation, including simple and continuous operation, improved fermentation performance and reduced cost. Carrier is the most adjustable element among three elements of immobilized fermentation, including carrier, bacteria and environment. In this study, we characterized carrier(More)
Bromodomains (BRDs) are protein modules that selectively recognize histones as a "reader" by binding to an acetylated lysine substrate. The human BRD4 has emerged as a promising drug target for a number of disease pathways, and several potent BRD inhibitors have been discovered experimentally recently. However, the detailed inhibition mechanism especially(More)
Blastomere biopsy is an essential technique in preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), a screening test that can detect genetic abnormalities of embryos before their transfer into uterus. Our results showed that the weights of fetuses derived from biopsied embryos were lower than that of non-biopsied counterparts at E12.5, E15.5, and E18.5. The ratio of(More)
Multiway spatial join plays an important role in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and their applications. With the increase in spatial data volumes, the performance of multiway spatial join has encountered a computation bottleneck in the context of big data. Parallel or distributed computing platforms, such as MapReduce and Spark, are promising for(More)
Discovery of the isoform-selective histone deacetylases (HDACs) inhibitors is of great medical importance and still a challenge. The comparison studies on the structure-function relationship of the conserved residues, which are located in the linker binding channel among class I HDACs (including 4 isoforms: HDAC1/2/3/8), have been carried out by using ab(More)
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