Jingwei Sun

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In this paper, we present a statistical parametric speech synthesis system based on the polynomial segment model (PSM). As one of the segmental models for speech signals, PSM explicitly describes the trajectory of the features in a speech segment, and keeps the internal dynamics of the segment. In this work, spectral and excitation parameters are modeled by(More)
Nowadays the trackside equipment layout of the traditional urban rail transit signal system mainly depends on the personal experience of the system designer. The accuracy and efficiency of the work cannot be guaranteed, relying more on the field test in the future. This paper focuses on this problem existing in the design work of signal system, based on the(More)
This dissertation studies three topics in modern Chinese economic development. The problems tackled include the determinants of city size distribution and economy growth, the impact of privatization of the state-owned enterprises (SOEs), and the relationship between executive compensation and …rm-level risk. Chapter 1 documents the emergence of Zipf’s law(More)
Efficient solution of the single source shortest path (SSSP) problem on road networks is an important requirement for numerous real-world applications. This paper introduces an algorithm for the SSSP problem using compression method. Owning to precomputing and storing all-pairs shortest path (APSP), the process of solving SSSP problem is a simple lookup of(More)
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